Ring One – Healer Special


This Access Key unlocks the Healer courses in Ring One.

The Healer courses focus on development of Interpersonal Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to develop your healing abilities and create a more powerful state of coherence in yourself, which can be applied in all areas of your life.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • The heart and art of healing.
  • The keys to accessing coherence in every relationship or interaction.
  • Techniques for awakening powerful healing abilities.
  • Tools and practices of the healer.

 Complete Course Path

Preview of the Healer Course Path

 Visual Preview

Preview of the Healer Course Path


“WOW, I absolutely loved the Dao Yin Stretches and breath exercises. I’ve been M.I.A for two weeks from Guardian Alliance and the last 3 days have been hectic. My body was hurting, my brain was feeling mushy, my energy levels were down…and then I did the exercises. I feel like a just drank a Red Bull. I heard my body crack as I was stretching…I SO needed this!! THANK YOU! Also, awesome ending to the Healer Module with the suggested routine and videos! GRATITUDE and LIGHT!”


“Hello Guardians! Greetings to you :). During the live healing session I did feel the light, energy and I had shivers in my whole body. And I want to thank you as it seems that you helped me to cure my dad. My dad eats scientifically proven micronutrients and they need at least one month so that there is a visible improvement in health. As a matter of fact he has taken them for about a month now but I think it’s not only that. OUR LIVE HEALING SESSION HAD A HUGE POWER !!!! I’m fully aware of that. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3 :).”

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