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Wizard’s Wyrd

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Wizard

Complete Series on Magic, Manifestation & Miracles

 The Wizard’s Wyrd series is a deep journey through the fundamentals of creation and communication with the fabric of spacetime. Within these sessions are keys to engaging our lives from both ancient traditions and future sciences. This series includes:

  • Over 20 hours of Workshop video!
  • Working with protection, boundaries, and sovereignty
  • Secrets to sacred geometry and metaphysics
  • Connecting and communicating with elementals
  • Astral Travel and architecture
  • Practical magical applications
  • Manifesting a house, car, money, and more
  • Embodiment and movement magic
  • Stories of transformation, healing, and miracles
  • and much more!

Wizard's Wyrd Series

The Complete Series Package of Wizard’s Wyrd gives you lifetime access to recordings, future course additions, and you get the Wizard Awakening course from Mastery Ring One as a free bonus.

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Introduction to Wizard's Wyrd with Adam Apollo

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Wizard’s Wyrd – Adam Apollo


Dive into the sacred heart of Magic itself in this five-part course exploring Core Capacities of Wizardry. Learn to effectively create boundaries and cast a circle, utilize the power and physics of Sacred Geometry, call upon Elementals to work Alchemy, access the Astral Realm, and practically apply magical techniques in everyday life.


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This Series Includes:

Session Focus Points:

  • Forging Your Event Horizon
    • Creating boundaries & wards, clearing fields & establishing sovereignty.
  • Wielding the Ray of Creation
    • Working with sacred geometry to activate specific magical constructs.
  • Elucidating Elementals
    • Connecting with elementals and exploring balance and alchemy.
  • Astral Adventures
    • Accessing the astral realm and working with astral architecture.
  • Sanctum Practicum
    • Practical magical applications for sanctifying our daily lives.

Five 3+ Hour Sessions Covering:

  • Clearing old attachments in relationships
  • Setting and keeping healthy boundaries
  • Protecting yourself from collective spells
  • Establishing sacred spaces and sanctuaries
  • Applying sacred geometry for manifestation, money, and miracles
  • Developing sigils for a variety of purposes
  • Working with alchemy for creativity, better sex, health, and much more
  • Achieving balance and equilibrium within
  • Gaining the higher perspective on challenging situations
  • Entering the Astral Realm and bi-locating
  • Creating through Astral Architecture
  • Working with Faeries, Spirits, and other beings on the Astral Plane
  • Manifesting your dream house
  • Creating ways to receive more abundance
  • Clearing and cleaning your home
  • Using magical tools and charging objects
  • and much much more!

Get the Complete Series Package:

Includes all online materials, six online video sessions, Q&A, Wizard’s Tower Arena access, and lifetime access!

Complete Series Package Bonuses:

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.