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Entering the Guardian Alliance Academy

Welcome to the Guardian Alliance Academy, a learning community for self-mastery, energy cultivation, higher-sensory perception, and planetary Guardianship. In order to use this site, you must have an account and login. Please use the login form in the sidebar, or get one of our Access Keys below:

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What is the Guardian Alliance Academy?


What are Access Keys?

Access Keys allow you to enter courses, events, and gates to special areas of the Guardian Alliance. Most Access Keys will never expire.

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What are the LIVE Sessions?

In the Guardian Alliance, LIVE Sessions accompany any course opening, Q&A, or special event. Some are Public, while others require an Access Key.

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What is the Trailmap?

The Trailmap shows the current curriculum map of Courses and Quests in the Academy, and Badges that can be earned by completing them.

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Explore the fundamental principles of the Guardian Alliance, and the type of world we are dedicated to creating and stewarding.

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Courtyard & Gates

Members of the site can access community areas like the Courtyard and Gates to special areas focused on each archetype.

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