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Developing Energy Perception (Starwalker Excerpt)

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This topic is an excerpt from the Starwalker Ascending course in Mastery Ring One.
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Throughout the Mastery Ring One series, we cover techniques and practices for feeling our energy bodies, and applying that awareness to different movements, meditations, and actions. In this course, we’re going to take those practices a bit further, and focus on visual development of our energy perception.

Practice 1: Finger Streams

Practice Transcript & Additional Resources

For this practice, it may help to find a dim room, or a dark colored wall or blanket that you will position yourself across from. At first, it may be easier for you to see energy against a darker background. However, make sure there is enough light to see your hand and fingers easily if you hold them up in front of you. Use a small lamp or window that primarily illuminates your hands for this practice.

Sit or stand in a relaxed position. Hold your arms in front of you, and touch all four of your fingertips together. Relax your shoulders and arms as much as possible, but keep your fingertips up where you can see them.

Focus your eyes on your fingertips, and very slowly, by relaxing your arms, allow your fingertips to separate. Focus your eyes on the space between your fingers as you let the space grow, very slowly. Allow the space to increase to a few inches or several centimeters, then stop.

Try to relax the focus of your eyes, and look at the empty space itself on the same plane as your fingertips. It may help to glance at a finger, then look at the space again, keeping the same level of visual focus.

Take notice of anything unusual you see between your fingertips, and also feel the sensation on your fingertips themselves.

Now try gently wiggling your hands up and down (in a slight motion, only a centimeter or two), continuing to keep your eyes relaxed and focused on the space between your fingers. Notice both the changes in the space, and also in the sensation in your fingertips again.

Additional Resources

VIDEO: Excerpt from “The Celestine Prophecy” film. In this short excerpt, the main character in the film learns a similar technique to develop energy perception.

Now slowly move your fingers towards and away from each other, increasing and decreasing the space between your fingertips. Notice the sensation changes, and visual changes.

Also try expanding your arms further apart, allowing the space to grow very large. What changes in your vision and sensation? What about if you now bring them back together?

When have played with this for a bit, bring your fingers back together, and close your hands, palm to palm. This will help discharge the energy.

Practice 2: Social Games

Grab a friend, and have them complete this practice with you. After trying it out for a couple minutes, ask them to hold out one of their arms (and pull back their sleeve if they have one, so their forearm is visible).

Connect your fingertips, and expand them to create the threads, but make enough space to fit your friend’s arm in the space between your fingers, with an extra few centimeters on either side.

Ask your friend if they are ready, and then begin to move your fingertips along either side of their arm (without touching them), asking them to describe the sensations as you do so. Focus your attention on watching the space between your fingers and their arm.

Also try imagining what the energy looks like inside of their arm as you do this. Notice if it is easy or difficult to visualize this.

Afterwards, have a conversation with your friend about their experience. If they are not familiar with the human energy field, ask them what they think happened during the experience.

Practice 3: The Field

During either the twilight before dawn, or the twilight just after sunset, go outside and find a comfortable place where you can see trees against the sky (or large bushes). Relax, and begin to focus on the trees.

Look at the tips of the trees, then relax the focus of your vision and look at the space around the trees. Breathe deeply, and let your eyes rest in one location. Let your peripheral vision begin to take one whole tree, and focus your attention on the area around the tree.

Notice any changes that may occur in the tree itself, or in the space around the tree. Let your eyes soak in the field around the tree, and breathe with it. Give your gratitude and love to the tree, and notice if the field changes. Also notice any changes in the sensations inside your body as you do this.

Continue until it grows dark, or until the Sunrise.

Energy emanating from trees and the moon at dusk...


Through these very simple, and replicable practices, we have learned to put the most simple principles of the human energy field into practice, and test them for ourselves, both subjectively and objectively with others. With such simple means of experimentation, we may wonder why information about these types of phenomena is not readily available in physics, biology, or even modern psychology.

One reason may be that our current scientific instrumentation has a difficult time detecting the types of energy streams you may have easily witnessed or felt flowing between your fingertips. While we can pick up electromagnetic charge, and layers of electromagnetic fields around all types of objects, this is not thought to be a significant phenomena. While there has been a large amount of research proving that consciousness affects electromagnetic fields, this is not widely known or accepted.

However, most energetic phenomena seem to be taking place at a finer frequency level than our current scientific instruments can detect.

In my research, it seems most likely that what is often referred to as ‘subtle energy phenomena’ is occurring at near Planck-scale frequencies, which is far below the level our current instruments can detect. It may be possible for a gravity wave detector to pick up these frequencies, as they are actually vibrations of the fabric of spacetime, or quantum vacuum, and so they might be visible to instruments measuring subtle distortions in this fundamental field.Adam Apollo

If these vibrations are in fact happening at the Planck scale (10-35 meters), nearly 20 orders of magnitude smaller than the proton (~10-15 meters), this may explain why they have not been accurately measured, and also why the principles behind subtle energies seem to match up with some of the “quantum phenomena” described in the physics of quantum mechanics. This scale is known as the “baseline” where all the information, energy, mass, and forces of the Universe are theorized to intersect. It is theorized in Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory, M-Theory, and Holographic Mass Theory that energy configurations at this scale create everything in the Universe. Understanding what is happening at this scale would give us a complete Unified Theory of Everything, and is the basis for all Unified Field Theories.

Additional Resources

Explore the Scale of the Universe by sliding the bar at the bottom.

INTERACTIVE: In this interactive application, you can quickly scroll through comparative scale layers of the Universe based on orders of magnitude. Slide all the way to the left to see the Planck scale. If you have trouble with the pop-up above, use this link: Scale of the Universe 

Notably, such a Unified Field Theory would clearly intersect with all field theories involving the principles of subtle energies as well, so we may be closer than ever to reuniting science and spirituality through deeper insights about our reality that are inclusive of all phenomena.


Through developing sensitivity to subtle energies, and a solid framework of understanding about their principles and functions, we gain the capacity to explore the many spiritual dimensions of our consciousness in an integral way. Also, understanding why there is such resistance or ignorance of these ideas in the scientific world will help you communicate about your experiences more easily as you begin to travel the Realms.

If we allow ourselves to release the fear of judgement, and the need for egotistical validation from peers or society, we can begin to focus on what is really important: self-exploration, self-realization, and love.

To do things so that others see us in a better light is Selfishness.
To do things so that others see themselves in a better light is Selflessness.
To do things so that we see ourselves and all beings in a unified light is Selfness.

While selfishness is transformed by selflessness, it is only a greater expansion of our ego’s desire to fulfill its own gratification. Yet selflessness applied through goodness, service, and love eventually reveals our interconnection with all beings, all things, and we awaken to the true Selfness.

Continue exploring this course with a single seed of inquiry:

How can I apply this knowledge and wisdom to know and love myself and others more fully and completely?

Take some time, reflecting on this question, and listen to this epic and timeless track by AZEDIA.

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“First let me say how very much I am excited by and deeply enjoying this final course. I recognize my journey through each of the five former archetypes that have occurred in my earlier years– and happily realize Starwalker is where I live and explore now. It is so much fun and opportunity to be learning more here with everyone and integrating more of my experiences as a “sensitive”. And thank you for so clearly delineating the difference between channeling and mediumship. I resonate strongly with what you say about each, having had direct experience with both. Your cautions about channelling are helpful and important. Your focus on preparation, thorough education, and clear instructions will help all of us gain higher skill and broader knowledge in the Astral. Much Love and Appreciation from a Sister Sirian Starwalker.”


“Every paragraph is immense in quality of content, thank you. I’m working hard on my-self, And I feel lucky for that. I do have to do a lot healing first. I also sense that kind of karma, and I also know that it can be unwound. I’ll do this. I’m reading this out loud, like feeling you through your words addressing me with so good aim, feeling your senses through mine and feeling my truth, my-self and feeling you feeling me… this is love coming from the Source of All Love, from here I may continue.. I have to admit, I feel like a Djedi right now.”


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