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LIVE: Mastery Ring One – The Adventure Begins

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Warrior & Healer – Sunday July 12th
Live Session Starts at 2:00pm PDT
11:00am HST, 5:00pm EDT, 10:00pm GMT
or the following day at 2:30am IST, 6:00am JST

Take a deep dive into what we’ve got in store in the Ring One courses, focusing on the Warrior and Healer Axis! Don’t miss this session if you feel deeply called to become a superhero in your life through physical interactions with the world, healing yourself, and bringing a force of transformation to everything you do.


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Dragon whisperer
Dragon whisperer

I could really tune in to this session, thank you so much. Much love


I want to keep strengthening and start healing. I feel lot of pain points in my body when I inhale to the top.


Thank you David, I’m learning to listening to my body, being aware of
what goes on. It’s so good to have made contact with you and your
teachings. The Warrior course is an excellent work that you both have
done, yet I have a lot of it to go through!


Wow that was beautiful! You guys are always coming through. The warrior course has opened up a way of thinking that I didn’t know about until I started integrating the lessons while sparring. I call it the principle of steam.

Adam Apollo
Adam Apollo

Hey Iain! Share more with us about the “principle of steam” and how you’ve integrated it into your sparring.


Steam combines the characteristics of fire and water. Fluid and graceful, fierce and giving, aggressive and calm. Never stop moving, keep your limbs close together but have your joints and muscles loose. Strikes are inspired by techniques used with a Jian sword, so you drop and widen your stance while twisting your body to gain range and moving your non-striking arm in a counter motion to the strike. That’s as far as I’ve gotten, I haven’t done this enough to fully comprehend steam.

outside of fighting, the vision I had when I first encountered the idea of steam said “Walk, with compassion in every step/ Love, your present moment/ And be brave./ Walk strong because of this/ For you know all that you need.” So that’s what I use in every other situation.

Adam Apollo
Adam Apollo

this was really great…. this is very much what I’ve been working on… thanks…


I want to share that the Warrior Course is making me change a lot of habits. “How you breath, how you move, what you put in your mind and what you put in your mouth” I remember those words every day. I’m eating healthy, practicing sequences of QiGong that you, David, explain really good, trying to ground to Earth and opening my Root Chakra… It’s a transformating process, for sure. I’m taking my time to get used to the info and the practices. I’m also working out and dancing Lindy Hop – Swing (super fun!). Next is starting some Martial Art =D. I’m really enjoying this

Adam Apollo
Adam Apollo

I love Lindy Hop!


Can you mention again the group that does the weekly tapping?