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Ring Two Mastery: Fractal Triune

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Ring Two Mastery: Fractal Triune

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The Ring Two Mastery Badge is earned through development of Archetypal harmonic growth, learning the transitions of one aspect of our skills and being into another, as well as discerning more clearly what the fundamental Core gifts of each Archetype are. One who has Achieved this Badge has completed 12 courses in Mastery Ring Two, each of which explore a variety of skills, abilities, and perspectives.

Earning this Ring Two Mastery Badge signifies you have reached the level of “Fractal Triune” in the Guardian Alliance, uniting the Fractal Seed and the Fractal Triforce, the more highly developed and refined aspects of the Yin and Yang within you.

The Fractal Seed indicates your experience in understanding harmonic growth, developing awareness of the many possible perspectives and interchangeable dynamics of life, and the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wisdom that comes with that awareness. The Fractal Triforce indicates your awareness of the Core strengths and abilities inherent in each of your Archetypes, and the level of practice of self-development and ability cultivation you have achieved.

More details on this Mastery Badge may be added at any time.


12 Required Steps

  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Ambassador Starwalker”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Starwalker Warrior”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Warrior Weaver”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Weaver Wizard”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Wizard Healer”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Healer Ambassador”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Warrior Core”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Weaver Core”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Wizard Core”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Healer Core”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Ambassador Core”
  • Mastery Step: Completed “R2 Starwalker Core”

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