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Fractal Seed

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Fractal Seed

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Earning this Yin Mastery Badge signifies you have reached the level of “Fractal Seed” in the Guardian Alliance.

The Fractal Seed indicates your experience in understanding harmonic growth, developing awareness of the many possible perspectives and interchangeable dynamics of life, and the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wisdom that comes with that awareness.

It signifies completion of the Harmonic Growth series:

  • Warrior Primary integrating Weaver Secondary
  • Weaver Primary integrating Wizard Secondary
  • Wizard Primary integrating Healer Secondary
  • Healer Primary integrating Ambassador Secondary
  • Ambassador Primary integrating Starwalker Secondary
  • Starwalker Primary integrating Warrior Secondary

More details on this Mastery Badge may be added at any time.

6 Required Steps

  • Yin Step: Complete Ambassador Starwalker Harmonic
  • Yin Step: Complete Warrior Weaver Harmonic
  • Yin Step: Complete Weaver Wizard Harmonic
  • Yin Step: Complete Wizard Healer Harmonic
  • Yin Step: Complete Healer Ambassador Harmonic
  • Yin Step: Complete Starwalker Warrior Harmonic

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