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New PULSE Training Sessions!

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Starwalker

This year, we are offering PULSE Training Sessions every 13 days.

Exploring Mastery Ring One can be a challenging endeavor. The courses in the Guardian Alliance will push your buttons, stretch your comfort zones, and invite you to go beyond your daily routine and discover yourself. Being with others who are on the same journey can help, as we bond together, support each other, and contemplate the wisdom and insights we are gaining from our participation in the Guardian Alliance.

Starting on January 13th 2018, we will be meeting at 2:00pm EST every 13 days, and start the beginning of a new Wavespell. Based on the Mayan Calendar cycles, a Wavespell is a 13 Day cycle in the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar which expresses and refines one of the 20 Solar Seal energies and archetypes. Every 13 days we enter a new Wavespell, and have an opportunity to renew our focus on a certain area of our lives.

Each PULSE Training Session will focus on one of the core Archetypes. Please mark these in your calendar and join us for the upcoming PULSE Training Sessions on Zoom! The following day after each PULSE, we also offer a Guardian Round Table for discussion.

Enter the PULSE Training Session

Pulse Training Session Schedule

Each Day Listed at 11:00am PST, 2:00pm EST, 7:00pm GMT
And the following day at 12:30am IST, 4:00am JST, 5:00am AEST

April 1st – Sunday Magnetic Skywalker – Ambassador
April 14th – Saturday Magnetic Worldbridger – RESCHEDULED to 27th
April 27th – Friday Magnetic Storm – Starwalker
May 10th – Thursday Magnetic Human – Warrior
May 23rd – Wednesday Magnetic Serpent – Weaver
June 5th – Tuesday Magnetic Mirror – Wizard
June 18th – Monday Magnetic Monkey – Healer

…and so on…

See the Guardian Round Table area for the upcoming PULSE schedule and accompanying Round Tables:

Stay Updated on PULSE & Round Tables

We hope to see you in the PULSE Training Sessions!

Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.