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Making Committed Choices

Written by David Beaudry on . Posted in Blog, Wizard

Hello Dear Friends,

I am inspired to share the latest theme of the month for February which is all about Committed Choices. Below are my highlights, you can read the whole article here by Lena Stevens.

Last months theme of RESET brought with it numerous opportunities for change and change often brings choices and decisions. 

-As we enter February we encounter good influences that will take your choices and decisions and feed them with some momentum allowing for action, manifestation and flow. There are two elements that are necessary for this to happen: Commitment and discipline. Commitment to the choices and decisions you have made will ensure that you get the most out of them. It is a message to spirit that you are truly serious about what you have chosen and intended, what you desire and wish for…

-This is a time to be committed to your life and the choices you have made in a way that leaves no room for ambivalence and no back door.

-The best choices are often made from a place of “knowing” that has nothing to do with the rational mind but more to do with the intuition of the heart.

-Themes for 2016 support developing and trusting your intuition. Work with this theme by questioning the motivation behind your choices. Were they made to please someone else? Were they made from a place of fear? Or did you choose based on an inner knowing that it was the right choice?

Everything is a choice. You can choose to feel angry, victimized, depressed, etc. You can choose to be accepting, inspired, hopeful, resilient, flexible, grateful and trusting. The key here is to infuse your choice with a level of commitment, as COMMITMENT is the energy that the influences of February will grab onto and work with.

-Discipline is what you will need to insure the commitment stays in place.

You will be tested this month. Especially around the new moon and full moon times, the energy may be a bit squirrely causing you to question and revisit your own motivations. More than ever these times will require the discipline of follow through on your commitments. The rewards will be great and you will definitely feel a momentum empowering your intentions if you are committed.

-The opportunity for making committed choices will be ongoing throughout the month giving you plenty of chances to anchor new directions, new relationships, new ways of showing up and new bids for power. Once you have committed to your choice, it will gather momentum and support you in moving forward.

The tests may come in the form of energy leaks, distractions, doubts, and unexpected events that threaten to throw you off course. Take a deep breath and trust your choices and your commitment. They will pay off.

Perhaps the most important committed choices will be around the relationship with yourself. What committed choices will you make this month to better take care of yourself, to improve yourself in some way, to honor yourself, to support yourself, to heal yourself, and to love yourself?

-The commitment here is for better self-care.

This is an excellent month to put into some kind of action plan and committed intention ideas and inspirations you may have had over the past couple of months. Especially if you can involve a collaboration and partnership with others, the momentum of the month will support your commitment to explore something new.

David Beaudry
Master’s in Medical Qigong, MMQ
Evolutionary Cross Trainer, NSCA-CPT

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Miranda QuanYinChi
Miranda QuanYinChi

Thanks David! smile

Kris Owelette
Kris Owelette

Transmission received! Loud and clear!