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Global Synchronization is in Your Hands

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Wizard

Our partners at Unify, in collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, SuperFuture Labs, and Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) are soon releasing an App that allows you to see results of your intention on random numbers, at both a local and global scale.

Called “Entangled,” this application will be the first of it’s kind to surface this data at a global scale to the public.

It has been shown that our consciousness has an effect on random number generation at a significant level. In turn, this effect seems to work on any apparently random events, whether technological or environmental. This app may allow us to see this effect directly, on a local, regional, and global level.

Check out the trailer and leave us a comment:

Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
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Anne Marie
Anne Marie

I used to play with effecting random number generation. It was our morning lab routine to calibrate a cell counter that would generate a number in the millions. We used to play a game as we noticed that sometimes the number could be “predicted” in ways that were far beyond any chance occurance. I never knew whether we were predicting or influencing… I suspected the latter. This was many years ago. I had not really heard of particle physics or anything. It was just a game!
As children, my sister and I used to find that we effected cloud formations. We would lie on our backs and look for shapes of things, but then we noticed that the clouds would change, and we seemed to be directing their movements! I think these are both examples. This makes me want to try my luck at wheel gambling…. I think I can win!

Miranda QuanYinChi
Miranda QuanYinChi

So cool! I was just talking to a friend about there being proof of people gathering in intentional consciousness and actually making a difference. He was asking how to be involved smile yay!


The idea seems very interesting and with positive application and effects. However, I cannot see the video; it says it’s private.