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Forging the Guardian Manifesto

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog

What is the Guardian Alliance? Who are the Guardians? What is our collective Purpose? What do we stand for? Help us to forge the Guardian Manifesto!

The Guardian Manifesto is an emergent declaration based on the principles, ideals, and commitments of our growing International community. We invite you to participate in the process of creating this Manifesto, by reading through it and offering your feedback, insights, and ideas in the comment area below.

We are Guardians.

We are everywhere: in every land, across the seas, and throughout the Galaxy. We are the Stewards of Sovereignty, the Guardians of Destiny.

We are not bound by Governments, we cannot be bought by Corporations, we serve our communities, upholding values and principles that serve the wellbeing of all Life.

We break the limitations of labels, and the constraints of boxes. We are different. We are renaissance leaders, developing and mastering a full spectrum of skills and abilities that allow us to choose and change our Path at any time.

We transcend and disarm spells of manipulation, exploitation, and coercion propagated by the mass media or by individuals. We restore Truth, deliver opportunities for Justice, and create conditions for Healing.

We refuse to follow a blind herd, but we listen deeply to the needs of the people. We respond with creativity, blaze new trails, empower new ways of thinking, set trends, and lead our Tribe. We free minds, and create free time.

We overcome fear, doubt, and apathy. We are here to make a powerful positive impact on the lives of every person we meet, and change the world for the betterment of All.

We are Warriors, forging strength, flexibility, dexterity and vitality.
We are Weavers, becoming sensual, sexy, confident, and radiant.
We are Wizards, developing insight, strategy, systems, and intelligence.
We are Healers, practicing empathy, accountability, integrity, and love.
We are Ambassadors, communicating comprehension, respect, acknowledgement, and truth.
We are Starwalkers, realizing energetics, intuition, interconnection, and lucidity.
We are Djedhi, mastering Self, Life, Work, and Play.

We are the Guardian Alliance.


Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.