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Forging the Guardian Manifesto

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog

What is the Guardian Alliance? Who are the Guardians? What is our collective Purpose? What do we stand for? Help us to forge the Guardian Manifesto!

The Guardian Manifesto is an emergent declaration based on the principles, ideals, and commitments of our growing International community. We invite you to participate in the process of creating this Manifesto, by reading through it and offering your feedback, insights, and ideas in the comment area below.

We are Guardians.

We are everywhere: in every land, across the seas, and throughout the Galaxy. We are the Stewards of Sovereignty, the Guardians of Destiny.

We are not bound by Governments, we cannot be bought by Corporations, we serve our communities, upholding values and principles that serve the wellbeing of all Life.

We break the limitations of labels, and the constraints of boxes. We are different. We are renaissance leaders, developing and mastering a full spectrum of skills and abilities that allow us to choose and change our Path at any time.

We transcend and disarm spells of manipulation, exploitation, and coercion propagated by the mass media or by individuals. We restore Truth, deliver opportunities for Justice, and create conditions for Healing.

We refuse to follow a blind herd, but we listen deeply to the needs of the people. We respond with creativity, blaze new trails, empower new ways of thinking, set trends, and lead our Tribe. We free minds, and create free time.

We overcome fear, doubt, and apathy. We are here to make a powerful positive impact on the lives of every person we meet, and change the world for the betterment of All.

We are Warriors, forging strength, flexibility, dexterity and vitality.
We are Weavers, becoming sensual, sexy, confident, and radiant.
We are Wizards, developing insight, strategy, systems, and intelligence.
We are Healers, practicing empathy, accountability, integrity, and love.
We are Ambassadors, communicating comprehension, respect, acknowledgement, and truth.
We are Starwalkers, realizing energetics, intuition, interconnection, and lucidity.
We are Djedhi, mastering Self, Life, Work, and Play.

We are the Guardian Alliance.


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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
  • Craig

    I AM A GUARDIAN! With or without the Alliance. Yet I find myself here today, and I will Support the Alliance!

  • Ben Korbel

    This is powerful and stirring. I love it. My contribution would be to add an acknowledgement of 5D+ unity consciousness… that we may be many but we are ultimately one consciousness and we claim our power as one infinite mind, alliance and soul… The Guardian Alliance.

    Love from Sydney 🙏🔯😇

  • Jade Lightweaver

    Powerful purposes bring great change to all involved. I love it.

  • Craig Lewis

    Ok, Today make change. Set a Vision and make this Heaven on Earth! 🙂 If time is limited and we have the tech, the resources and the means, than this should be fast. [email protected] How do Nations begin? With a vision that have been seen within and that has been received, to Create, Yes!. Having the ability to Create and One CAN. Giving Abilities will allow Creation. PASSIONS! Give PASSION! Give One the Vision to See IT! to Know that it is Out there! With Ben’s Words,I feel a GREATER Connection! Bliss <3

  • Sebastian

    We looking behind the curtain of society in order to remove this curtain for all of us.

  • Craig Lewis

    What about looking under ROCKS, like the one’s here in NL. Remove the Weight, of those that carry so much, when IT’s piled so HIGH and so Deep, upon them. So we can BUILD a Nation, that WILL BE the Example to the World, of what Heaven on Earth Is. 518,000 Souls, and 99% are lost to the 1% which taketh for SELF, which is for ALL! Now that the Looking is Done! What about Action to Start the Show 🙂

  • Gary Adams

    We overcome fear, doubt, and apathy. We are here to make a powerful positive impact on the lives of every being we meet, and change the world for the betterment of All.

  • Gary Adams

    We stand between the darkness & light, defending righteousness, innocence , life by lighting the darkness to expel evil & suffering in all of existence growing love filled consciousness in all life.

  • Agustina Vega

    Well said. Powerful words that everyone can agree with. One of the things I would like to add, is that we want to bring peace in the diversity, respect between all human groups.

    • Adam Apollo

      Thank you. I agree, and will reflect on where it may be best to insert a note on diversity and respect between all human beings. @disqus_3q263fNI6w:disqus

      • Agustina Vega

        I’m not sure if you were asking me for ideas, or if I misunderstood your reply…but well, maybe writing something about this after it says “…and create conditions for Healing”… Maybe? I don’t know. You are a better writer than I am :p

    • felipefm

      hola agus.. hace unos.meses vi tu video de UR.. quería preguntarte sobre eso.. si es q tenes tiempo y disposición.. te envié una invitacion a fcbk y un e mail a un perfil con tu nombre en link ed.
      Eso.. saludos!

      • Agustina

        Hola! No sé qué video me dices, no sé que es UR…. jajaja En cuanto a la invitación, es posible que la hayas enviado a mi otro perfil (hay uno que tengo y no uso, no sé como cerrarlo), porque en el que uso regularmente no he visto invitación. Me encuentras en facebook como Agus Vga si me quieres agregar 🙂 . Tampoco me llegó nada en LinkedIn…prueba de nuevo con el perfil que te pasé de facebook. Saludos!

  • jonathan

    Powerful and stirring words!

    I have always had a great affinity for the word and idea of freedom, of mind, body, and spirit!!

    We never give up, nor are we placated by false promises or illusions of hope. We relentlessly strive for true freedom and for the end to the lies and secrecy, for every individual to awaken and discover their true selves, that we may all step forward as one to co-create our beautiful future, and take our place as upstanding members of our galactic community.

    • Adam Apollo

      Nice! I want this to be as accessible as possible, so I may leave out the Galactic aspect for now. However, the striving for freedom elements are awesome.

  • Eapo

    Hearth-warming words. Thank You! I feel supported, and i really need this now.

    I am a White Electric Wizard, main developer of a Viable Off-grid Noble
    Society, a Bionic Sytem of Harmonic Living, where people can live, work and grow in abundance together. We are not working for money! Working for peace, wealth and harmony and these resources can gain even money if it’s needed.

    • Craig

      All Communities, especially the outport of NL and the isolated communities of Labrador, that uses 57 million barrels of fuel to run diesel generators, for less than that maybe 5,000-10K people, for there are only about 50K in all of Labrador. And the price of food? $7 cans of soup, $16 bottles of liquid dish detergent, and $11 for a package of spaghetti noodles.

      • Adam Apollo

        How is this relevant to Eapo’s comment @guardianalliance-ddeebdeefdb7e7e7a697e1c3e3d8ef54:disqus ?

    • jonathan

      That’s awesome Eapo!!

  • Craig

    Well the hornet’s nest is Smoking and workers have been ordered for a strike or to try and raise the FEAR level.

    My intuition and guidance is what saved me last night. Cats and a Mouse, and the mouse got away for now. Into the City that is controlling the wealth of our Nation, which is OUT of control and now they blame one another, to try and confuse the people, to delay what will be our defeat and their downfall!

    Now that I’m home, how safe?? for I told that many strangers around today (possible hitmen/their spies) and maybe a few supporters from my two day protest, on the hill at our confederation building.

    I was one man, asking for 1000 Honks, from the passing cars. 1010 HONKS! as the Premier and many MHA’s and gov officials pass by. Most turning theirs heads, in shame, i suspect, for the most part, Others in discuss, To Bad!

    One guy was video recording me as he passed. Needed for they hit poster, I assume.

    I just learnt today that the Rothschild may be the very one’s controlling the show in NL.

    So with little money, and no support (Just starting out, others than a few FB friends) I started the process to create an Independent Party for NL, so that any Independent can run in an election and can ask questions during question period.

    May we ALL obtain the strength and courage to overcome fear, be self induced or set upon you.
    Blessing <3

    • Adam Apollo

      Thanks for your work @guardianalliance-ddeebdeefdb7e7e7a697e1c3e3d8ef54:disqus . It sounds like you are doing great work bringing awareness.

  • Adam Apollo

    Thank you everyone for your responses so far! I will consider how to integrate your ideas and edits and will incorporate them into the final copy. Any additional insights are also welcome.

  • Aditi

    Not sure what is meant by “Guardians of Destiny”… meaning the ultimate destiny of all sentient life?

  • Miranda QuanYinChi

    MMMmmmmm…I really like this! I want to spend some fun time with it and see what I can contribute 🙂 Lately, I have been in some deep study, well of lots of things, LOL…of the United States Constitution and the Preamble ‘We the People…’ I feel there is a great need for a true new Global Proclamation and constitution, and a new kind of Emancipation Proclamation. It does start with a manifesto. We are in times of true global family coming together that cares for our planet in much deeper ways and will stop at nothing to help this world. We are seeing a rise of planetary citizenship, inter-connected global networks, a beginning of an entirely new operating system for the planet with a rise of new incredible technologies, new global economic systems (on the blockchain) and creation of so many community microcurrencies that soon will be interconnecting, new governance and decision making practices, and global knowledge sharing and interconnected online learning systems and social networks coming like never seen before. The innovations and support by many leaders in the world, committing to work together on solutions to help solve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted by 196 countries, shows an incredible new era in what we want to see for our world and ALL life here! We can do this together…it is not out of reach. Everyone has the power to be a Guardian, and a global citizen! I love you all…I will look deeply at this manifesto

    • Miranda QuanYinChi

      Wow! Right after I wrote this, I went to my facebook and a group I work with had written this… NEW CONSTITUTION FOR MOTHER EARTH IS BEING WRITTEN
      Whoever wants to help with writing a new constitution on how we should live on Earth, let me know.
      Our team is writing it now.
      In 2011, I wrote this. Our Mother Earth Constitution which we are modifying to remove Imagine Nation and use the name Mother Earth Nation.
      A constitution is simply a new users guide on to live on Mother Earth and with one another.
      We also plan to enshrine the Rights of Mother Earth directly in the constitution like Bolivia.
      It also needs to be translated into different languages when completed. Ambassador David Kam Earth Dollar

  • Martina Kong

    Greetings dear ones, I finally find my way to connect with my Galactic Family here, it’s such a quantum (& cosmological) experience! I wish I could ‘wake up’ more quickly to find my PURPOSES and know my MISSIONS when I re-incarnate in my next life – say, in my 20’s or early 30’s… now, I’m 40 🙂 My BIGGEST question, though, is HOW can we accelerate the speed of human ascension on Planet Earth so that we can live in the New Earth.