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AAEtv – The Force – Featuring Adam Apollo

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog, LIVE Sessions

In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann Fox is joined by Adam Apollo. Adam and Ethann discuss the field of Transpersonal Psychology, and his exploration of past lives he’s collectively shared with others. Among these are his past lives in ancient times such as Atlantis from which he reveals an in depth look into Atlantean life. Adam relates his personal journey in other lifetimes that share common threads to modern day Science Fiction films such as Star Wars, and his belief that these films were inspired by unconscious remembrance on the part of the writers, of actual events that took place. Further discussions delve into the validy of “The Force” and experiments he’s done in this area, as well as his opinion about the controversy on the subject of whether the Earth is round or flat.

Here’s some useful time markers to get you started:

15:01 – Discovering the Force
21:01 – Why have we lost ancient energy technologies?
24:35 – What happened in ancient Egypt during the rise of Akenaten?
27:46 – Is the Flat Earth theory true?
35:43 – What is Transpersonal Psychology?
41:46 – Are science fiction films based on real events?
48:27 – Is it possible past-life memories are just influenced by movies?
51:18 – Was there an ancient global civilization, and what was Atlantis like?
53:00 – Details of the global renaissance during the last Ice Age.
54:07 – What happened to Atlantis?
56:30 – Adam Apollo’s past life verifications in Japan.
59:30 – What is the Island of High Brazil?
1:00:09 – Was Atlantis a physical place on Earth?
1:06:50 – Where was Atlantis?
1:10:20 – More details about Atlantis.

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
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Nico Indigo
Nico Indigo

Wow, I just saw that today. I’ll share it on our FB! Thanks AA and Ethan!