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What Type of Superhero Are You?

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in Warrior

If you sense that you have some role to play in this world, some gift to give that goes beyond your career and hobbies, read on… This is the first step towards activating your Destiny.

  • Have you ever gone to see a superhero movie just to feel that part of yourself that knows you can change the world?
  • Have you watched martial arts films, inspired by the knowing that you could do those moves, with practice?
  • Have you played role-playing games to express your inner Wizard, Healer, Bard, or Warrior?
  • Have you ever wished you could somehow bring real superhero training into your life, and learn to apply advanced skills and human energy technology to your daily life and role in the world?
We long for the moment when we can draw our Sword of Change. Image by musicfreak312

Sure, BUT…Bruce Wayne had billions, Superman was from another planet, Spiderman and the X-Men survived genetic mutations, and they all had love life problems (due to conflicts with their super-roles). And what about super-powers? You probably haven’t blasted anyone with your eye-rays or used telekinesis (moved things with your mind) lately… As far as you know…

Sometimes we don't know our own power until we find it... Image by 88grzes
  • YET…what if you have super-powers you didn’t even know about?
  • What if there was a way to apply these powers to create whatever you want? Careers, money, and love that lasts?
  • What if there were secrets to Self-Mastery that could not only empower you to be a Hero for the world, but also one in your own daily Life?

These are the stories of Real Superheroes

Watch this video to learn more about the story of one of the founders of the Guardian Alliance:

I get it. I’m in!

How do I join this Global Community of Superheroes?

The first step is to identify one of your Core Archetypes.

Each of the Archetypes has a complete course developed around it to help you dive in to some of your innate skills and abilities, and recover some of your super-powers. These courses are the result of over 10 years of personal practice by each of the authors, and months of writing, filming, and compiling our research into a simple and powerful format for exploration.

Each course will make your process of understanding and applying your gifts MUCH easier. It will save you countless hours of time researching, finding workshops, scouring books, or exploring mediocre online classes.

Discover some fundamental skills in your Archetype, so you can start developing your super-powers now. Get in touch with your deepest purpose, so you can stop wasting time on jobs and projects that don’t align with who you are.

Preview of the Wizard Course

Ask yourself each of the following questions, and click on the one that describes you the most:

Are you into physical training, martial arts, movement agility and strength? Do you see yourself as a Knight, a Soldier, a Peacekeeper?
Do you have a passion for emotional expression, sexuality, and building social connections? Do you relate with Dakini, read about better Sex, and try to befriend everyone?
Are you often focused on strategy, puzzles, creating businesses or planning projects? Are you interested in magic, the power of the mind, psychology and philosophy?
Do you feel called to help others, repair wounds in your self and the world, maintain health and provide healing services? Are you often called to provide support?
Are you called to share a message with the world, speak to the masses, and build bridges between cultures and people? Are you into media, messaging, marketing, and language?
Do you seek a deeper awareness, knowing the Universe, your Self, and Spirit, and desire to explore all the layers of Reality? Are you interested in ETs, Angels, Spirits, and Fae?
Archetypes of the Guardian Alliance

The Crossroads of Destiny

Each of the archetypes of the Guardian activate a specific aspect of ourselves. They unlock powers inside us, which in turn begin to refine our skills in different areas of our lives.

In the Guardian Alliance, each of the archetypes have a Path. Each of the archetype Paths begin with Mastery Ring One, a series of six courses that provide the fundamental practices you can use to begin to Master each of the powers inside you.

For Real Life Jedi Only:

If you are inspired to develop true self-mastery, we recommend taking the entire Mastery Ring One series. Each course in the series connects with the others, refining your skills in each area, while balancing them with each other. This is no small adventure… It may take you months to complete the whole Mastery Ring One series. However, if you do, you will be well on your way in training to become a Real Life Jedi Master.

We have a whole series of courses coming to Mastery Ring Two, the Universal Library, and beyond… This is only the beginning of your adventure.


R1 Mastery Badge Preview

Mastery Ring One

Six complete courses, each with introductory information, reflections on masters, revelations of our core personal challenges, and practical applications that you can immediately begin using in your life.

Each course will help you Master an aspect of your Self and your Life:

  • Warrior Activating – the foundation of Physical Mastery
  • Weaver Unfolding – the essence of Emotional Mastery
  • Wizard Awakening – the geometry of Mental Mastery
  • Healer Opening – the heart of Interpersonal Mastery
  • Ambassador Connecting – the precision of Communicable Mastery
  • Starwalker Ascending – the realization of Spiritual Mastery

I’m Ready for the Journey to Self-Mastery!

But wait… These are not just static Online Courses…

Not by a long shot. The Guardian Alliance is a global learning community, and when you get Access Keys to individual courses or the whole Mastery Ring, you also get access to the Arenas, areas for LIVE Sessions, discussions, resources, and more:

BONUS: Enter the Arenas

Each Arena showcases LIVE Sessions related to courses in each Archetype, has a AJAX commenting/chat area for ongoing discussion with other Guardians, video posting, image posting, and additional resources to aid in your exploration. Oh, and there will also be special QUESTS and MISSIONS to accomplish…

Enter the Arenas for each of the Archetypes

Arenas for Each Archetype

Preview of the Ambassador's Hall

Preview of the Ambassador’s Hall

BONUS: Custom Community Profile

You also get a custom personal profile where you can upload you own header, avatar, and control all privacy settings for your account. You can see other members who have public profiles, and connect with them through messages, tags, posts, and more.

Preview of the Member Directory

Complete Member Directory

Preview of a Custom Member Profile

Custom Personal Profile

BONUS: Earn Verified Badges

Earn verifiable Badges that will be sharable with the Mozilla Badge Backpack and backed by a series of organizations and other online Academies. We’re also working on physical versions of the Badges, so stay tuned for those updates!

Users who reach certain levels with their Badges will also become eligible for exclusive Guardian Alliance Gear from the Armory… And we’re not talking T-Shirts.

Preview of a Completed Trailmap of Badges

Earn Badges in the Trailmap

Preview of a Single Completed Badge

See Others Earn Badges & Track Progress


Preview of My Courses Area

Your Course Dashboard under “My Courses” gives you easy access to all your unlocked adventures.

Are you Ready to Unlock Your Courses?

The Guardian Alliance is a rapidly growing global community of people dedicated to transforming the world, and becoming Real Superheroes.

Each course is massively packed with skills, techniques, insights, and practices, and individually they are easily worth more than a full weekend-long intensive workshop. In fact, we have shared portions of this exact same content in retreats and workshops, charging $200 to over $1500 for a fraction of this material.

In addition, we’re providing UNLIMITED ACCESS to the material AND ALL LIVE SESSIONS related to these courses FOR LIFE. That means you can join a LIVE Session and learn more from us in a year, or in 10 years from now. We’ll be here to make sure you reach the Superhero goals you set out to achieve now.

So How Much Do These Courses Cost?

Based on our workshops and training intensives over the past 10 years, here are some of the rates our faculty has charged for similar courses:

Warrior Course Training with David Beaudry: Value $300

Weaver Course Training with Alexander Fairman: Value $220

Wizard Course Training with Adam Apollo: Value $144

Healer Course Training with David Beaudry: Value $200

Ambassador Course Training with Alex Fairman & Simon Sutton: Value $280

Starwalker Course Training with Adam Apollo: Value $260

Total Course Value: $1404

If all these courses did was get you more deeply in touch with your True Self and activated your sense of Destiny and empowerment in the world, would that be worth it?

If all this let you release the fear that you’re alone, and resolve your doubt that we can truly make a difference, would that be enough for you to sign up and join us?

We’re not going to charge you $1404 for these courses, because we’re here to forge an Alliance together, and bring everyone on-board that we possibly can.

The regular price in the Gatehouse of the Guardian Alliance for all these courses is only $333. You can easily spend twice that much for half the transformational course content around the web today.

But right now, we’re offering these courses to you for only $33 each!

Or you can get access to the ENTIRE Mastery Ring One series for only $144 and take the leap into true Mastery and Guardianship!

That’s around 90% off the standard value of these courses, and over 50% the regular price.

However, you must act now because this special will not last long.

Click on any of the “Get Access Key” buttons below to checkout on our secure servers and immediately receive Access to courses, community, Profiles, Badges, and more.


Mastery Ring One

I’m Ready


Total Price
Today: $144


Ring One – Master Key Special

$333.00 $144.00

This Access Key unlocks all SIX courses in Ring One!

This Master Key will give you complete LIFETIME access to all courses and resources, first access to Ring Two courses with a variety of amazing teachers, and give you foundational skills and practices that are fundamental to Mastering your Self and your Life.

By allowing you to explore all the courses in Ring One, this Mastery Key will provide you with a deeper awareness of how each Path comes together, integrating each aspect of your Being to develop True Mastery.

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Product Description

This Course Includes:
Individual Course Details

30 Day Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the courses within 30 days, you can contact us for a full-refund.

We guarantee that our courses contain some of the most empowering, transformative, and inspiring information you can find on the web.

If you disagree, let us know!


Who Gets Paid?

The Guardian Alliance runs as a completely transparent operation. Teachers and course producers instantly receive 70% of every course.

10% of all course sales goes directly to hosting and infrastructure costs.

The remaining 20% is used to grow our Alliance team and community.


We’re forging Superheroes

Whether you can join us now or not, we’re going to keep rocking it out with an amazing growing community of Djedi, of Superheroes emerging into their power, presence, and capacity to change their lives, and the world.

Don’t worry, if you’re not ready yet, we’ll be here when you are. You just might have a long way to catch up!


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