Spiritual Awakening Summit


In this epic online course, 19 featured speakers share insights on every aspect of Spiritual Awakening. From the challenges inherent in “waking up,” to the need for physical dance and movement, to integration with sexuality, working with teachers, finding your dharma and much much more, this series will open your heart and your mind.

This is the first course in Mastery Ring Two. It is a Level 2 Ambassador primary course showcasing a variety of communication styles and approaches to awakening, while integrating with the Starwalker secondary archetype of spiritual development and intuitive insight.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • Keys to thriving in your life
  • Ways to attract your soul tribe
  • Daoist sexual practices
  • Working with spiritual teachers
  • Finding your path of service
  • Remembering who you are
  • Awakening your potential
  • 19 amazing teachers
  • ~20 hours of audio material
  • Instant access to ALL sessions

Downloadable Audio

This course contains almost 20 hours of audio sessions which are downloadable. You can listen each audio session from the Guardian Alliance site or your personal devices, and return to your lessons to move forward at any time.

You asked for it during Mastery Ring One, and we’re happy to provide it in this first Mastery Ring Two course!


Visual Preview

Course Entry Preview
AGS3.don_Miguel_Ruiz_JrDon Miguel Ruiz Jr.
AGS13-Patricia_AlberePatricia Albere
AGS14-Dada_NabhaniilanandaDada Nabhaniilananda
AGS11-Lee_HoldenLee Holden
AGS12-AlayaLoveAlaya Love
AGS5-Craig_HamiltonCraig Hamilton
AGS8-Sally_KemptonSally Kempton
AGS10-Ryland_EngelhartRyland Engelhart
AGS9-Nischala_JoyNischala Joy
AGS7-Willow_BrownWillow Brown
AGS2.Gina-SalaGina Sala
AGS4-JuliaStegeJulia Stege
AGS17-Rose-ColeRose Cole
AGS16-Lania_DesmondLania Desmond
AGS19-Rev_DeborahRev. Deborah